Melissa’s Shower

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Here are pics from Melissa’s shower.  We had a great turnout and thankfully it was early enough that she got to enjoy it before Levi made his early appearance.  Oh, and of course all of us enjoyed delicious mini-pies from Mom… some of us enjoyed too many.  We played some games which Melissa’s coworkers creamed everyone else at, and decorated Levi some bibs and onesies.  Thanks everyone for coming, and eating pie!

**I should point out the images are a little low in resolution so the whole gallery doesn’t become huge… if anyone wants a particular picture in higher quality just e-mail me.

A new toy

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Devin and I have been looking for a long time for the right used slide to come up on craigslist, and yesterday it did!  Devin was going to be in the town where it was up for sale for a scout meeting yesterday night already so things lined up perfectly (except for the fact that it is February and cold).  Devin set it up last night and I let Elsie go play today, she LOVED it.  I am posting a pic as well as the video I made of Elsie finding out we got her a slide since Devin wasn’t there to experience it.  Her excitement on the video is fairly quiet since she has a binki in her mouth, but she was thrilled and played outside in the cold for quite a while.  **Edit: I can’t figure out how to get the video to show in the post, only how to make a link to download it… so I guess we will have to wait until Devin gets home to figure that out.

What happens at night…

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For a kid who was always a bad sleeper Elsie has really adjusted to big kid sleeping (though still in her crib). She now goes to bed awake and even pulls back her curtains in the morning to see if the sun is coming up and she can call for us. Lately we have been noticing things from the top of her bookshelf have been sneaking into her crib at night. I have always assumed it happens in the morning when she is waiting to call out to us. Tonight we learned otherwise. Just two hours after she ‘went to bed’ Elsie was hysterical screaming that we had to ‘take it off!’. We tried to ignore it assuming it was just a bad dream but a few minutes later we realized she was really awake. When Devin couldn’t calm her he finally brought her out to get a drink and realized she had a very purple finger caused by a wad of tightly twisted hair rubber bands. We quickly peeled them off (her finger pinked right back up) and checked her crib to discover a whole container of hair rubber bands. In my rush to get out of the house earlier in the day I had left them on top of elsie’s bookshelf and she had apparently been wrapping them around her finger while we all assumed she quietly slept. Tomorrow we will be picking a selection of toys to be put in a basket within her reach so she can stay entertained if she has trouble sleeping.

In other news Lydia has two teeth and bites everything. She also told devin ‘nope’ clear as day today when he was correcting some bad behavior (nope is Elsie’s favorite way to answer negatively so at least I know where she learned it).

Lastly I am so thankful that Devin decided to hit a drive through for icecream with Elsie last night instead of Safeway. Before he left we both felt like it was too late for a Safeway run so he hit mcdonalds instead since we had promised a certain two year old a treat. In the morning we woke up to discover two people had been shot at our Safeway during the time devin was out with Elsie. With good humor today devin informed me we could grab our groceries at ‘dangerway’. Nice. We are so thankful for the spirit that helps us make even small decisions that can turn out to be huge.